Home Churches

If you want to connect long-term at Bayshore here are key ways to get involved with:
(1) Join us for Sunday Worship Gatherings
(2) Find and join a Home Church
(3) Service and Learning Teams + Leadership Teams and Committees

Home Churches are smaller groups in our church community where you can go deeper, build friendships, and walk out the Christian life with others. Often the discussion is based on reviewing the sermon bible text/topics and then challenging one another to see how to apply it in thinking and living. To learn more contact our Associate Pastor for Community, Care and Connections, davebark1@gmail.com and click below for the list.

If you are newer to Bayshore, there are several brand new Home Churches on the list and some information. Join one today!


More details each home church has or develops a leadership team with help from the Associate Pastor and then church-wide Care and Compassion volunteer leads:

  • Facilitators (2-3 ideally)

  • Hosts (refreshments or schedules them and location)

  • Care Coordinator (roster, first-round of care in times of stress/need)

  • Compassion Coordinator (keeps group engaged in local non-profit service, inviting neighbors to join, special church-wide projects)

"I am so thankful for getting involved in a Home Church. I have met people in the church, but I really got to know them in our Home Church. It took our involvement at Bayshore to a whole new level. To pray and experience life together is so wonderful!" - Carolyn M.